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Selected List of Publications

Taisuke Nishigauchi

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Quantification in the theory of grammar.
Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy Series, Kluwer, Dordrecht. 1990.
Quantification in syntax.
Ph.D. dissertation. Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts. 1986.

Journal Articles

Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Acquisition of the Syntax and Semantics of wh-Constructions.
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Kobe Shoin 2, 35--48, 1999.
`Pont of View' and Phrase Structure.
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Kobe Shoin 2, 49--60, 1999.
`Sluicing in Japanese and Logical Form.'
Revision to appear, 1998.
`Quantification and wh-constructions.'
Tsujimura, N. ed. A Handbook of Japanese Linguistics. Blackwell, New York. (To appear 1998.)
`On the wh-Island Condition.'
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Kobe Shoin 1, 15--37, 1998.
`Multiple Sluicing' in Japanese and the Functional Nature of wh-Phrases.'
Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 7.2, 121--152, 1998.
`Long Distance Passive.'
Japanese Syntax in Comparative Grammar. ed. by Nobuko Hasegawa, Kurosio, Tokyo. 79-114. 1993.
`Head-Movement and Case-Marking' (with Naoki Fukui)
Journal of Japanese Linguistics vol. 14, 1-35. 1992.
`Syntax of Reciprocals in Japanese. '
Journal of East Asian Linguistics, vol.1, no.2, 1992.
`Construing wh.'
Linguistic structure and logical structure: Cross-linguistic perspectives, 197-231, ed. by Robert May and James Huang. Linguistics and Philosophy Series. Kluwer, Dordrecht. 1991.
`The deductive parameters and the growth of empty categories.' (With Thomas Roeper.)
Parameter-Setting, ed. by Thomas Roeper and Edwin Williams. Reidel, Dordrecht. 1986.
`WH-quantification and unselective binding.'
University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics vol. 11. 1986.
`Japanese LF: Subjacency vs. ECP. '
Seoul Papers in Formal Grammar Theory 71-105. Linguistic Society of Korea. 1985.
`Thematic superiority and anaphoric binding.'
English Linguistics 1.22-44. The English Linguistic Society of Japan, 1984.
`Control and the thematic domain.'
Language 60.215-250. The Linguistic Society of America. 1984.